The following are some of the past archaeological excavations and surveys of the Island.

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  • 1924-1925 Calver and Bolton, New York Historical Society
  • 1927 Jones, Jefferson County Historical Society
  • 1935 William A. Ritchie, Archeologist, Rochester Museum of Natural History
  • 1961 Van Gemert/Workmaster, North Bay Wreck
  • 1966 Dr. Peter Pratt, State University of NY at Oswego Field School
  • 1967-1973 Richard Ennis, Artifacts acquired by the Rochester Museum of Science (SUNY Oswego may also have been involved)
  • 1973 -1975 NYSDA UAC and Richard Murphy, New York State Department of Parks and Rec, Survey of North Bay and wreck.
  • 1990s - 2010 Archaeological excavation on Fort Haldimand Dr. Doug Pippin, SUNY Oswego and Thousand Islands Land Trust (TILT)
  • 2009 Lake Ontario Maritime Cultural Landscape Project, Dr. Ben Ford
  • 2009 Cannon Survey of St. River off North Bay Carleton Island , St. Lawrence River Historical Foundation Inc.