Friday, June 05, 2015

A Plan of Fort Haldimand, a composite sketch from historical sources

As part of the effort to develop a computer model of Fort Haldimand a reference sketch has been developed to identify major features with their historical references. Over the next few posts each item in the sketch will be reviewed. This will be the basis of the next model.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Lt. James Glenie, one of the key individuals in the construction of Fort Haldimand

The 1988 Syracuse Harold America story  “Retracing a soldiers past" tells of a visit by the great great great grandson of James Glenie to Carleton Island.

Lt. James Glenie was one of the key individuals in the construction of Fort Haldimand.

From: Dictionary of Canadian Biography
In the summer of 1778 Glenie accompanied Lieutenant William Twiss to Oswegatchie (Ogdensburg, N.Y.) and Cataraqui (Kingston, Ont.) in search of a suitable site for a supply depot which Haldimand hoped to establish at the eastern end of Lake Ontario. Once Twiss had decided upon Buck Island (N. Y.), which he proposed to rename Carleton Island, he sent Glenie to report to Haldimand, expressing his confidence in him. Haldimand agreed with Twiss’s proposal for a post on Carleton Island, but as soon as the proposed works were well launched Twiss was to leave for Montreal and Glenie would “oversee and carry on that Business in your absence.”
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