Tuesday, June 17, 2014

St. Lawrence River Historical Foundation Inc. (http://home.netcom.com/~srhf/) has started a project to build a computer model of Fort Haldimand and the British Military base on Carleton Island in the St Lawrence River in Jefferson County, New York as it was in early 1780’s. St. Lawrence River Historical Foundation Inc is also referred to as SRHF

The remains of Fort Haldimand as viewed today are impressive but only a small portion of what once was one of the most important posts on the Great Lakes during the Revolutionary War. Ravaged by the elements, overgrowth of vegetation, relic hunting, land clearing and natural aging, what remains provided clues to what the base once was.

Using historical documents, first hand accounts and maps, SRHF will compile a physical description of the fort when it was at its prime. Satellite and aerial photograph will be combined with surveys from the 1800's to present refine details. The resulting information will become the basis of the computer model.

The advantage of the computer model is that will not be encumbered by properly access and can be updated easily as new information becomes known. The long term goal will be to make the computer model available either on the internet or at an information center in the Thousand Islands area.

The model building process will involve virtual low detail simulation-based models that will be the basis of an eventual photo realistic rendering solution. The following are some computer simulations used in a project feasibility study.

For more information email info@forthaldimand.com